The artist

Hola! My name is Gen, I am a nomad at heart, my love for traveling and chasing the sun brings me to roam our beautiful world. I get inspired from all the different places that I explore. Vibes, energies, nature's stunning textures and colours... Inspiration is everywhere.

Crochet is a form of meditation and expression, turning my ideas into reality. Hoping each piece will leave a bit of sparkle, making every girl feel beautiful.

It is with passion that all Palm & Pine tops are carefully handmade with 100% cotton in limited numbers. Crochet is an art, that is why all Palm & Pine tops are unique.

Buena Onda!

Getting to know Gen Duffy, a cool article by Post Surf Collective.

Creating Sparkles All Over the World
Handmade with Love in Québec
Helping the Planet One Item at a Time
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